Our Services

Technology is a moving target – ever changing, updating, and improving. That’s where we shine. PAVS provides the following services and so much more. As new software and products become available, we’ll add to the list.

PAVS tv installation and mount for Steamboat Springs homes and properties

TVs/TV Installation

PAVS smart thermostat for app based thermostat control

Smart Thermostats

PAVS home security camera installation

Home Security Cameras

PAVS drop cam for Steamboat Springs homes

Drop Cams

Steamboat Springs automated lock installation

Automated Locks

PAVS digital doorbell installation and maintenance

Digital Doorbells

Steamboat Springs connected heating and cooling - smart home tech

HVAC Linking

Steamboat Springs entertainment system design and installation

Entertainment Systems

PAVS interior lighting control and installation

Controlled Lighting

PAVS Steamboat Springs smart home technology with remote access to control your home

Remote Access

PAVS home theatre installation for Steamboat Springs houses

Home Theatre

Complimentary Tutorials